Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Using IRC

Register your IRC Nick

Basically, the way it works is, you register your nickname with a password and an email address. Now everytime you come back to the network, you will be asked to identify yourself using a simple command. This will make sure that you hold on to your nickname and nobody steals it on you.

The command to register usually is...

/msg nickserv register PASSWORD EMAIL

You must replace PASSWORD with a password of your choice and EMAIL with a VALID email address. It must be valid as some networks like you to verify it exists by sending you an email. Once you have registered your nick, when you come back to the network you must identify yourself, you can do this with these commands..

/msg nickserv identify PASSWORD


/nickserv identify PASSWORD (should work, does on most networks)

Replace password with the password that you used to register your nick. Now all you have to do is NOT forget your password.

Check out Various options

You can type the command
It will show you various type of commands
and to view how these command works you can always type
/help command-name

Now If you want to write some status, or act, then you can use the command

For e.g
/me going for dinner

It will not give the output as
<user> going for dinner
but as follows:
user going for dinner
and yes, it will be in italics

If you got disconnected, and your nickname is already in use.

If your nickname is registered, you can use the ghost command.
/nickserv ghost nickname password
This kills the old session, and allows you to rename yourself with the /nick command. You will still need to identify/login.

I registered my nick and now someone else has it. Did someone steal it? How do I get it back? To keep your registered nick, you must continue to use it. If you do not identify to your nick, it may eventually become expired. Once it becomes expired, someone can ask to have it dropped. When a nick has been dropped and picked up by another user, we are not able to take it back from them. That would be unfair to the user who picked it up. In other cases, someone could simply be using the nick while unidentified. You can force them to change their nick with:
/MSG NickServ RELEASE yournick yourpassword
You may need to run the above command a second time if you get a message saying the nick is temporarily unavailable. You can also set enforce on your nick to have NickServ force users to identify to the account within 30 seconds in order to continue to use it:
/AWAY [away message] Sets your status as away with some info.
Sets a message explaining that you are not currently paying attention to IRC. Whenever someone sends you a MSG or does a WHOIS on you, they automatically see whatever message you have set. Using AWAY with no parameters marks you as no longer being away.
If you are using XCHAT, then you can use /back to come back to the original state

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