Project Info

I am currentlyworking on the project 'Alkimia' in the Season Of KDE(SoK).
I will be focussing on the Payment Detection Usecase of Alkimia.
Firstly I would like to add basic information about Alkimia

Alkimia is the infrastructure for common storage and business logic that will be used by all financial applications in KDE. The target is to share financial related information over application bounderies.

Alkimia is a general KDE based framework to share financial information across applications. The rational is to not duplicate financial functionality across applications but to let the applications focus on their specialized purpose.
In the center of the efforts is the benefit of the user. We want to provide a collection of well integrated financial applications from which the user can pick the apps she or he needs and want to use. We want to break the trend that every application has to implement all functionality which especially can be seen in commercial software of this kind.

Now talking about the Usecase I am working on
Payment Detection:

As soon as a Financial Manager(For e.g KMyMoney,Skrooge etc.) becomes aware of an incoming payment, either through online banking or manual entry, it should
  1. try to detect an unique identifier
  2. validate if there is an expected payment filed with this unique identifier
  3. if so, let the user validate if the detection is correct (optional)
  4. mark the payment to be received
The whole project would be based on c++,Qt

 For more technical information please refer to the page