Sunday, 26 June 2011

Questions arising while designing Payment Detection Usecase of Alkimia

  1. How will the data be accessed for the 'USER' and other entities?

  2. What is the use of "pluginsDir.cdUp();"?
    • bool QDir::cdUp()
      Changes directory by moving one directory up from the QDir's current directory.
      Returns true if the new directory exists and is readable; otherwise returns false. Note that the logical cdUp() operation is not performed if the new directory does not exist.

  3. The whole statement is as shown below
      if (!"plugins")) {
        qWarning() << "SymbolManager: Couldn't find plugin directory";
    I do have the directory named "plugins" but still it is giving me the error as shown in the code
    "SymbolManager: Couldn't find plugin directory"
    I don't know why
  4. What exactly does the 'symbol' refers to? How it is related to the user?

    A stock symbol or ticker symbol is a short abbreviation used to uniquely identify publicly traded shares of a particular stock on a particular stock market. A stock symbol may consist of letters, numbers or a combination of both. "Ticker symbol" refers to the symbols that were printed on the ticker tape of a ticker tape machine.
  5. What is the use of Q_OBJECT macro?

    Please refer to the page

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